Vacation 2001

This year we went to Disneyland! We left Edmonton (-14˚C or about 4˚F) at 6pm MST on March 20th. Made a stop over in Seattle at about 7pm PST, we had to wait for our connecting flight a little longer then expected because it appears that Seattle can not handle the traffic. I think we were in the air by 8pm. We arrived in LA around 11pm then waited for 2 hours for our bus that was to take us to our hotel. The driver must have had a very bad or just hated his job, after making us wait (buses should arrive every hour) he had the nerve to tell us to "Öhurry up!" He then threw our bags on the bus, if we had anything breakable, it would have broken.

The ride to our hotel was a very memorable experience as well, both emergency hatches were open and even though this was LA it was 1am and it was not warm. We asked the driver to close them but he ignored us. We asked a few more times before he said like couldnít we wait and we didnít have to sit there, we replied "no we canít wait and we have already waited". In a huff he closed the hatch but didnít secure it. Then we were on the freeway; ummm did he plan on pulling over somewhere on the freeway to close the hatch? I think not!

Finally we arrived at our hotel!


They had our room ready but they had given us a non smoking room and Terri still smoked. Oh well a call was placed to the front desk and after what seemed like forever they had a new room for us. Finally at about 3:30 am PST we were able to lay our heads down.

March 21 2001

 After a very short night we headed for Disneyland!